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Our mission is to study and create new information technologies and to analyze their impact on art, culture, science, commerce, society, and the environment.

The Information Science + Information Studies certificate program (ISIS) is designed for Duke University undergraduates who want to learn more about information technology (IT) and apply technical skills to the knowledge gained from their major field in creative, collaborative projects.

ISIS offers Duke undergraduates an innovative context to think critically about the roles and functions of information technology and to utilize that knowledge in real world situations.

ISIS bridges the gap between current academic training and practical application by helping students develop and employ a broader understanding of the commercial, legal, social, philosophical, computational, and aesthetic issues surrounding IT and emerging technologies.

ISIS emphasizes collaborative learning, hands-on skill assessment, creative cross-fertilization, and project-oriented experimental research. The ISIS certificate provides students with a valuable credential in this interdisciplinary field, a distinction that has relevance for diverse educational and professional goals.

21 May 2004

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